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Something we learn too late in life:

Hey y'all. Another short thought here- it is taking me way too long to figure out that it isn't about when you learn something, but that you do learn something. Knowledge is not a train that passes you by when you are young. If you don't get something the first time around, that does not mean you've missed your chance. Later on you are able to view something through the lens of the experience you have amassed since your first shot at learning this new thing.

For some of us, myself included, it takes hearing things a few different ways to finally understand what it is we are trying to learn. My nerdy example has to do with this guy (read: me) who always had trouble with playing music by Hector Berlioz. I could never get the style right and was never exact enough with the rhythm. After completing two degrees and attending my fair share of great schools, I was convinced that Berlioz's music, specifically Hungarian March, would be something I'd have trouble with forever. But, like most of the time, I was wrong. It's not that I would never figure out an answer to my problem- my answer just came later than I anticipated. And it came because I maintained an open mind.

It is a seemingly insignificant thing to be proud of accomplishing, but being able to play the popular piece with a degree of confidence I didn't have before is a really great feeling. I feel comfortable revisiting all the old notes I took in lessons and applying them with this newfound information in my further-seasoned musical lexicon. I hope you all won't give up on the things that frustrate you, but instead will trust that with time and experience you can come back to those challenges with a refreshed approach.

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