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Are you the villain in someone else's movie?

The title says it all.

If someone made a movie about their life, would you be the bad guy? The recurring character whose sole purpose seems to be to wreak utter havoc on the protagonist and then quickly abscond back into the shadows?

Since I've moved to a big city, I have tried to pick up on the kindness of others. I have also tried showing more kindness to myself and the people around me. I'd like to think I'm making progress. A guest speaker in my Arts Management course from my undergrad once said something like, "Being critical is easy. Negativity is the easy way out. It is more difficult to be positive and kind," and I have been thinking a lot about that recently. The ease of being unkind comes from a shedding of the responsibility it takes to be a good person. However, taking on the responsibility to treat others with respect and kindness yields rewards no matter who you are(or who you think you are) and what you do.

I'm not perfect. I'm not always the nicest human, but I'm trying. And one way I'm trying is by asking myself, "Are you the villain in someone else's movie?"


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